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"Hey there, little one. You lost?"image

'Lost' would be an understatement. Vanellope didn't have any sort of idea of where she was or how she had even managed to get there. …Where even was 'there'? Well, she supposed that she'd find out if she asked.

"You could say that, yeah," Vanellope answered. She stuck her hands in her pockets and looked Hiro over. The kid was wearing a hoodie like she was, except hers was more candy-like. Strange… Maybe they just both had similar tastes in clothes.

"Can you tell me where I am?"

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"Stay up?" he suggested. "I dunno, kid."

"Guess I might as well. But it’s so boring when it’s this early," she whined. It was a typical enough reaction for one who had gotten used to sleeping in while Thunder had been gone. Vanellope didn’t even know what had prompted her to wake up early. She just… Had.

"…What’re you doin’ up so early, anyway?"

Mind you, her definition of early had turned into 8:21 AM. Icarus’s idea might have been entirely different.

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"Have some melted chocolate in a mug, and you’ll be out like a light." he suggested.

"I don’t have any chocolate, though," Vanellope said. "Chip ate the last of it."

"Now what’m I s’pposed to do?"

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"I woke up too early and now I can’t go back to sleep."

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It hadn’t completely satisfied his hunger, but it had definitely quelled it to some degree and had helped him feel better.

After supper, he went upstairs to his bathroom, where he took a long warm shower, and tended to his wounds as best he could..

He would need to see Dr. Mario in the morning, but for now, he was going to be okay.

After putting on some fresh sweatpants and a Tee, he, Vanellope, and their companions relaxed on his bed until Vanellope had decided to ask her question…

He had wondered when she was going to ask him.

She had asked him earlier but he had never gotten around to addressing it.

Now seemed to be as good a time as any..

"Well..little one…it was the strangest thing….

Just as Little Orcus, the Corporal, and I were about to leave the prison compound…another me who had be captured..

one from an alternate dimension…had flown down and tried to stop me from leaving…”

He had explained to Vanellope how this Thunder was forced to work for the Warden, being also held here against his will, and told her the promise that if he returned Thunder to him, dead or alive, he would get to see his family again.

"…he did not want to fight..and neither did I…but none of us would be moved…

we eventually ended up fighting until I was finally able to talk some sense into him…”

He sat back, his head resting against the head board as he thought about their fight…

"…I think he is just about as strong as I am….

the fight was completely leveled

…evenly matched…

….and it was challenging…

..difficult, even….”

Awe gripped Vanellope tightly when Thunder gave his answer. A second Thunder had been sent to fight her big brother? She could hardly imagine how strange that would have been for both of them. It seemed that she wasn’t the only one to be awed by the answer, as the Pokemon had looked up from where they had settled and were listening to every word.

Soon enough, Thunder was laying back against the bed and had finished giving the explanation. It had left Vanellope speechless for the most part. From the sound of it, the alternate Thunder had been in the exact same situation her brother had been in. Perhaps not exactly the same, but close enough to make the comparison. She knew how strong her brother was, too. Knowing that the doppelgänger Thunder would have been just as strong was more than a little earthshaking.

Finally, it seemed Vanellope found her voice again.

"They really didn’t want you to go anywhere, did they? At least you were able to get away! …But what about the other Thunder?"

Until Thunder had mentioned being able to talk his double into stopping the fight, Vanellope had thought about asking if he’d managed to beat the other Thunder. With that clarified, though, she was able to concentrate on the other matter. Her Thunder had managed to escape with Orcus and Kohut. What about the double, though? Had he managed to get away?

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At that, Thunder chuckled and nodded, agreeing with that much. He was sure the little munchlax would be just dying to get a taste of Thunder’s cooking again.

At her statement of her companions giving him a warm welcome, he smiled the memory of them welcoming him just a few moments earlier fresh in his mind.

”..They gave me a wonderful welcome,sister….

I really missed them all…”

He cast the lot of them a quick glance before returning to his work.

The food took a bit longer than usual since he was long out of practice, but it probably didn’t seem to bother the others much anyways.

The wonderful scent of the stew filled the kitchen, something that had not graced this area of the house in a long time, as he stirred it in the pot.

It smelled…wonderful..

..and soon…everything was finished.

Thunder retrieved the bowls and plates from the cupboards and set the table..

Then, he poured the hot stew into each bowl and set a sandwich on eat plate.

He then sat down with the others at the table, said the grace, and waited for the others to dig in before he started eating.


..was served.

In the time it had taken for Thunder to make the food, the six Pokemon had gathered at the table with Vanellope. It seemed that they didn’t mind the wait, either, because they were just as pleased as always to get their food. As expected, Chip did note that it wasn’t as extravagant as he might have been expecting. Given the circumstances, though, he seemed to be okay with it.

Vanellope almost wished that Thunder would just eat without waiting for them to begin. It had to be torturous watching them eat when he was as hungry as he was. She didn’t voice her thoughts, though. That was a small complaint compared to the sheer joy of all of them being together again. Besides, what was there to complain about when one thing remained crystal clear?

…That is, the fact that the food was just as wonderful as always.

After their meal, the group made their way up to Thunder’s room and had gotten comfortable on his bed. It really was just like old times. As soon as everyone was seated comfortably, Vanellope decided it was time. She could stay silent no longer. Her curiosity about what on earth had happened to Thunder had finally bubbled to the surface and there was no stoping the inquiry to follow.

"Hey, Thunder? It really is great that you’re back and all, and I’m really glad you’re okay, but I gotta ask something."

She let the statement sink in for a moment before actually deciding to ask. Truthfully, she hadn’t been entirely certain of how to ask. It wasn’t as if she could ask outright without it sounding weird. However, she seemed to finally find the most appropriate way to ask. Now she could get her answer.

"Just what happened to you before you got back here? It looks like you got into a fight or something."

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Thunder nodded at her answer. He expected as much, oddly enough, and he was going to do what he always did.

Take care of her and the others before he took care of himself.

"H’now what kind of older brother would I be if I placed my needs before that of yours and our companions, little one," he asked, a gentle, good-natured laugh escaping him before he stood up, looking her in the eye.

"That’s how its always been, little one. You know this..

I always take care of you and the others before I take care of myself…

Nothing has changed. That’s how it was before I disappeared…”

He returned his attention back to the fridge,

”..and that is how it will stay…”

He looked towards her, offering her a kind and comforting, reassuring smile,

”..though I do greatly appreciate your concern..”

He did, even though he knew she cared deeply about him.

It was just refreshing…

He looked at what was left in the fridge and hummed, thoughtfully..

The most I can make with this is a hot stew and a couple of sandwiches…

..and least there will be enough for everyone..

He reached in the fridge and pulled out what he could, placing the ingredients on the counter. Then, he went to the sink and washed his hands.

When he had finished that, he turned to his ingredients, preparing  to make the stew when he suddenly stopped, looking up..and turning around..

He had almost forgotten something…

So as not to break tradition, he grabbed his white chef’s hat which sat on the hook, undisturbed after these past few months, and placed it on his head.

A wave of nostalgia took over him, resulting in the doofy smile that decorated his face…

and with that, he set of to make dinner with the little that they had.

Even after he had been gone for months, even after he had been practically starved, Thunder still insisted on taking care of her and the others before himself. Vanellope would have been lying if she said she expected anything different from him. This time, she wasn’t about to resist. Thunder was willing to do this for them, and that was something she appreciated deeply.

"It was worth a shot, wasn’t it?" she asked. Of course it was. Vanellope wanted to return the care he offered to her and her companions even if he insisted on continuing to do everything with nothing in return. At least, that may have been how it appeared on the surface. Vanellope knew well enough what she did for Thunder. She provided him a reason to live… Perhaps coupled with the same reason Lightning had.

Her eyes followed Thunder as he went to the sink to prepare, and her brow creased a little the longer she looked. Those bruises… Vanellope couldn’t deny that she was curious about how he had gotten them. She knew Thunder got into fights, mostly to protect her, but it was still strange to see them decorating him again. This wasn’t the time to ask, though. Vanellope would get her chance soon enough.

"Y’know Chip’s gonna be as excited as ever to get some of your cooking. I doubt he’s gonna complain," Vanellope said. She knew the pudgy Pokemon wouldn’t be all that thrilled about having only a small selection of food, but he’d gotten used to it by that point. Thunder’s cooking would be more than enough to convince the Munchlax that it was nothing to complain about.

"Ah, heck… I know everyone’s gonna be pretty excited. They probably gave you a really warm welcome, am I right?"

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The sound of her laughter just warmed his heart to the point where he almost forgot he was nearly starving. That was one of the things that he had missed terribly.

Her laughter…even if it was short lived.

At her suggesting that they head to the kitchen so he could get something to eat, he laughed and got up, heading to the kitchen as their companions followed.

When he got there, he set Vanellope down and walked to the fridge. When he opened it, he inwardly frowned.

There was very little left in the fridge…only enough to make a small meal to satisfy a fraction of his hunger..

…I am going to have to go grocery shopping…

He was expecting as much, as he had been gone for more than three months.

His thoughts had wandered to Vanellope, and he turned to see her where he left her, smiling innocently at him, pleasantly oblivious to what was going on at the moment.

He offered her a gentle and kind smile before turning his attention to the fridge again.

"Hey little one, are you hungry," he asked, wondering if she had eaten anything today, momentarily forgetting about his own hunger..

Just like old times, Vanellope had been placed in her usual spot while Thunder went to investigate the fridge. She could already feel the nostalgia rippling through her. It was hard to believe that it had been so long since both of them had been there. …Okay, it wasn’t that hard to believe. Vanellope knew that much as fact.

Her thoughts didn’t get much further, though. Thunder had asked whether or not she was hungry. Truth be told, she hadn’t actually had much to eat that day. Her appetite hadn’t been with her recently, mostly due to doubt and fear eating away at her. Again, it was of little concern now that they were back together. She imagined they didn’t have all that much left in the fridge, even with all the help Katerina had given them while she’d been present, so she wasn’t expecting anything near as fancy as what Thunder usually could whip up.

"I am pretty hungry, actually. All I’ve really had is some candy today," she answered. It really had felt like she’d been flung back to where she used to be when they started running low on food. Relying on candy to survive hadn’t been all that pleasant even in a realm made entirely of sweetness. Given their situation, she was more concerned with making sure Thunder got enough. Her own needs could be put on hold.

"You should be more concerned with yourself, though. I mean, you’ve gotta be way hungrier than I am. I’ll be fine with just a little something for now," she said.

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Oh, she wasn’t? Kiara’s head tilted quizzically for a moment. The girl looked like she ought to be; the golden cub had seen the other racers, and Vanellope looked just like them. Then again, the ‘not yet’ implied that she would join their number someday soon, so Kiara didn’t pursue the matter.

"My game’s only been plugged in week or two, so you won’t have. It’s Pridelands; the one with all the tribal lions, over by the door?" She’d glimpsed the console from inside other games; it looked quite distinctive.

How popular the game was, the feline couldn’t say; only being playable in one of three randomly-chosen mini-games didn’t give her much of an idea. Still, hers had been played a fair few times that day alone, so she didn’t think they were doing too badly.

"I’m Kiara," she added, taking a step closer to Vanellope and smiling up at the girl. Kid characters weren’t vastly frequent in the arcade, so it was always nice to meet another one. And since the girl didn’t look like she had anywhere pressing to be, Kiara could think of only one possible thing to do right then.

"Tag! You’re it!"

Grinning widly, she danced out of Vanellope’s reach, her tail flicking the air excitedly. Having a potential playmate was a dream come true for the feline princess; and she could only imagine Vanellope would be just as willing to play.

That certainly answered that. New games did seem to be showing up in the arcade from what Vanellope had noticed, though she couldn’t readily say that she had seen Kiara’s for herself. Maybe she would have to get back to climbing candy cane trees and see if she could see it.

"So you’re checkin’ out the other games around here? Pretty sweet. And I’m Vanellope," Vanellope said. She wanted to carry on talking, or at least offer to show Kiara all the coolest places in the game, but she was stopped short by Kiara reaching out and pressing her paw against her leg. Surprise radiated from around the glitched girl’s being and she found herself incapable of moving momentarily.

Kiara wanted to play tag! It was a game Vanellope was only vaguely familiar with, but that didn’t mean she was a total newbie. A mischievous grin formed on Vanellope’s face and she surrendered to the siren call of amusement. The little wannabe racer only very rarely got to play with kids her own age. This would surely be a wonderful experience for both girls.

"Not for long! I’m gonna get’cha," Vanellope laughed. She didn’t know how the game would work, being that she was two-legged and Kiara four-legged, but who cared? They were going to have fun regardless. So, Vanellope wasted no time in darting after Kiara in an attempt to tag her back.

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"I didn’t see you there." she chuckled slightly as she hopped back to her feet, any trace of genuine sheepishness conspicuous only by its absence. The girl didn’t seem to mind, either, so Kiara figured she was fine.

"I love your game here. It all looks so tasty, I wanna eat the scenery!" Again, she laughed as she turned slightly to regard Vanellope. Pridelands may not have had any humans of its own, but Kiara had done so much game-jumping already during the arcade’s closing hours that she’d become quite familiar with the species. She had an idea Vanellope was about her age, which only made Kiara even more comfortable with her instantly.

"You must be one of the race drivers, right?"

"Heh… You wouldn’t be the first to say that, lemme tell you," Vanellope laughed. Most people seemed to gush over the sweet nature of the game. She really couldn’t blame them, though. It was her home, and even with all of its problems related to how the kids and king treated her she could hardly find fault with it. Especially when she had such a close bond with certain individuals.

Kiara’s last question caught her off guard, though. The true answer was no, and Vanellope knew it. Kiara didn’t, though… She legitimately seemed to think that Vanellope belonged in the position as a racer. Was that because she’d seen the other kids and thus thought it made sense for Vanellope to be one too? She supposed that made sense; her position should have been just that. It wasn’t, though.

Lying certainly wouldn’t make things that great between them.

"As much as I wanna say I am, I gotta say… No. I’m not one of the racers. Not yet, anyway," Vanellope answered. Now that was surprising to hear, even for herself. She seemed to have sparked her own desire to be a racer again somewhere down the line even though she hadn’t practiced in ages. Maybe that was a good thing, though. All the talk of her dreams would be meaningless unless she actually tried.

"So, what’s your name? Don’t think I’ve seen you around before," she said.

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Sugar Rush, the game was called.

She already loved it.

Delighted laughter bubbled up out of the little lioness as she bounded though the candy-coated world. She only had a few short hours until the arcade opened and she had to return to her own game, and so much of this place to see.. while Kiara had venured into many other games already in the week or two Pridelands had been plugged in, none of it had quite compared to this one. The way everything - EVERYTHING - was made of candy..

She was going to come back here often, Kiara decided. She liked this place.

Chasing a bug - a tiny jelly-bean with candy-wrapper wings - Kiara didn’t even notice the person looming in her path until she had crashed straight into the girl. The young feline rebounded off the Sugar Rush inhabitant, hit the ground, and lay there, still giggling, for a brief interval.

"Heh-he, oops," she managed after a moment, giving a sheepish grin in the direction of the girl she’d knocked down.

Things just seemed to be going her way recently. The sun was shining, the other kids were leaving her alone, and she hadn’t seen any of King Candy in quite some time. For Vanellope, life couldn’t get any better. The only thing that could have improved it was if she actually got courageous enough to try and enter a race. Today was not that day, though. No, this was the day that Vanellope just wanted to enjoy herself.

Her wanderings had brought her near a spot perfect for what she was looking for. Vanellope was just about to set out to find her spot of choice when, out of nowhere, someone crashed into her. This someone felt different from the other kids, and it was the only reason she didn’t freak out beyond a surprised squeak.

There was a pause as Vanellope got to her feet again, and as she registered that the other individual was a girl she looked the newcomer’s way. Surprise, surprise, it wasn’t a human. No, instead Vanellope found herself looking at a lion of some kind. She looked on with wonder and briefly thought to ask what game Kiara had come from. After all the time she had spent cooped up in Sugar Rush during the recent months, it went without saying that Vanellope would be unfamiliar with most games beyond her own.

"Talk about a grand entrance," Vanellope said. She was unharmed, which was the important thing, and Kiara didn’t look hurt either. All that was really left to do was figure out who this kid was.

"D’you always go around bumpin’ into people like that, or is this a first time thing?" There was a touch of a playful laugh in the glitched girl’s voice. After all the times she’d been bullied, Vanellope didn’t want to treat anyone else to that sort of reaction. If she was going to laugh, it was going to happen when both of them were having fun. That much Vanellope was sure of.

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Thunder nodded in agreement with and and gently chuckled, blushing slightly as he scratched the back of his head,

"a bit famished, actually."

He had been nearly starved during his stay there, and because of that, he had lost considerable weight. He still had his muscular physique..

but it was not as he was before….

"I am relieved and highly glad that all of you are okay,” he said at length. He had constantly worried about each and every single one of them, and he was glad to hear that they were fine.

He had a feeling that some things might have happened in his absence, but they would get to that later..

His stomach rumbled at the thought of food, to which the to shared a look…

Thunder chuckled, a bit embarrassed,

"looks like my stomach agrees with you, little one..hehe.."

The sound of Thunder’s stomach rumbling caused Vanellope to giggle in response. Poor Thunder… He had been put through an awful situation and had come back home on an empty stomach. How he’d managed to fly all the way back was beyond her, but she didn’t care. What she did care about was making sure that Thunder got something to eat.

"Well, we’d better not just stand around then. Everything should still be in the kitchen," Vanellope said. She wasn’t all that sure of what all was left in the fridge, but they could find that much out when they got there. Chip hadn’t actually eaten everything in sight, thankfully. They should still have had things to work with.

"But anyway, yeah. We’re all okay. Nothing bad’s happened in months," she said. "I mean… It’s like the other kids just decided to all drop whatever bad feelings they had and leave me alone."

Why they hadn’t decided to pick on her remained a mystery, but Vanellope didn’t care. She wanted to give Thunder the good news. The bad news, if there was any, was minuscule by comparison. There had been that one weekend when she’d been stuck in the fungeon, but that had happened so long ago that Vanellope didn’t want to bring it up. She wanted to make Thunder’s return as comfortable and happy as possible. So, that little incident could be pushed aside.

"Doesn’t look like you got away without a fight. What happened?"

Her eyes had strayed to the bruises decorating Thunder’s body. She could ignore them for a while, but they were still there. There was only so much she could have done to push away the curiosity.

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"I know, little one….

I know…”

Of course, Thunder knew this.  Even though he was far away from her, he felt as if he could still sense her anguish of him not being there all the time he had spent where he was.

"I am so sorry that I suddenly left little one…

It was not by choice…”

He then proceeded to explain how it was that he had been captured by someone called the warden, and how he threatened that if Thunder should even try to leave the prison, that he would kill his family and all of his loved ones, and then finally him..

"It happened so quickly that I….

I didn’t even get to say goodbye…”

But that didn’t matter now…

He had been reunited with his family…and nothing…

…was ever….

going to tear him away from them ever again…

To do so would be fatal…

The explanation left Vanellope speechless. Someone had been cruel enough to imprison Thunder? Thunder didn’t even deserve that sort of treatment! Hell, not even Vanellope thought she deserved such treatment. Just knowing that someone had done the same thing to Thunder that King Candy did to her (although rarely these days) made her feel all the more sympathetic for his situation. By the time Thunder was finished, Vanellope seemed to finally find her voice again.

"That’s awful," Vanellope said at length. "So that’s why no one knew what happened when you just left…"

A shake of her head followed. He probably wouldn’t want to focus on the bad for too long. They were together again! That being said, Vanellope wanted to make his return home as wonderful as possible. Just being together could have been enough, she was sure, but if what Thunder said was true then he had been imprisoned for a long, long time. Who even knew when the last time he’d had a good meal even was? Or a comfortable bed to stay in?

"I’m just glad you’re okay! It sounds like you went through a real heck of a time," she said. Standing around wasn’t going to make Thunder’s situation any better. He had to be famished by that point, right? Vanellope may not have been an expert cook, but she could at least try to offer him something. Or maybe he wanted to make something for himself. Either way, Thunder was sure to be satisfied. All that she had to do was suggest it.

"All that time bein’ trapped in that place had to make you hungry, right? I mean, I don’t imagine that that warden person treated you any better than King Candy woulda treated me if it was me bein’ trapped."

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