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At that, a devious grin gripped the titan’s maw as he slammed his hands on the table, an unchained glint in his eye,


That means that I do not have to hold back…”

..That was an understatement.

The kitchen area became practically a blur of blue as it was filled with kinetic wind by Thunder’s zipping everywhere through the common room.

Beast boy had to hold onto Cyborg, who had to hold onto Robin..who had to hold onto Raven..who in turn, had to hold onto Starfire in order to not be blown away.

The only one’s who had not appeared to be phased were Vanellope and their companions, only because they were more than used to it by now. the time he was done, Thunder was standing next to a counter elegantly covered with food, smiling smugly to himself.

"After you," he said.

There was a certain pride in Vanellope’s expression when she saw the end results. That was her brother who was so amazing at cooking, and she was all the more delighted with knowing that she wouldn’t be separated from him any time soon. She also had to laugh at how dumbfounded the other Titans still looked. Clearly, they weren’t used to Thunder being so efficient when it came to cooking.

"C’mon, guys! Dig in!" Vanellope chirped. She bounded over to where the food had been set up with her three friends following right behind her. Only when she and the Pokemon were getting ready to enjoy their food did the remaining Titans follow suit.

"I’m really gonna have to get used to you being so good at that," Beast Boy remarked. He, Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven soon had food for themselves, and everyone was seated to enjoy it. All that remained was for Thunder to do the same.

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At this, Thunder remained silent.

She had already apologized to him so if she wanted to apologize to the others for worrying them, he wasn’t going to stop her.

Meanwhile, he let his attention drift towards the counter where the remains of the an unprepared breakfast remained.

…it was way past breakfast time anyway…

..more like lunch time…

..Food was a good way to take away any awkwardness that might still be lingering in the air..

…because that is totally a thing…

He made his way towards the counter and looked at what was lying on the counter tops..

Then, out of the blue,

"Who’s hungry?"

"Aww… Don’t worry about it, kid. You’re okay, right? That’s what matters, isn’t it, guys?" Beast Boy asked. It seemed as though the feeling was mutual amongst the Titans. Of course, Robin did look as though he wanted to get in something to say on the matter. He was holding his tongue, though, for the sake of trying to avoid making things too awkward. Vanellope had learned her lesson, after all. That was what he got out of it, anyway.

Truthfully, Vanellope was relieved. She’d been afraid that they would scold her for putting herself in danger because of a misunderstanding. That much hadn’t come up, though, and she was glad of it.

Even still, Vanellope did have to admit that she was further relieved when Thunder asked his question. The whole escapade had taken up the morning and, as a result, none of the team had gotten a chance to have anything to eat. The answer was a unanimous ‘I am!’ from all involved, even the Pokemon… Though Raven’s answer was admittedly less enthused compared to everyone else.

"You don’t even gotta ask, Thunder," Vanellope said after a moment. "I think we all could use something to eat right about now."

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The four soon returned to the tower and walked in to witness briefly the humorous display of clashing wills before the rest of the titans and the Pokemon companions had come to realize just who had returned..

It took Gobstopper a moment, (after opening his eyes, which was a huge help..) to realize that his master was indeed alright and that she and Thunder had returned safely to the tower.

With that knowledge, as well as the fact that Robin had been thrown off his guard by the four’s arrival, nothing was able to keep the porygon from bounding up to them, nearly tackling Thunder to the ground, the rest of the companion’s in tow, as the Little Protector lavished his love in nuzzles and gleeful cries, along with the rest, all over Vanellope.

Skittle had made sure that Thunder had been shown some love too by gleeful licks to the face after showing Vanellope that she was glad she was safe and sound.

…this gave the titans something new to laugh about..

"Gobstopper! Skittle! Chip!"

Vanellope was thrilled to see the three again, especially after her and Thunder’s misadventure, and she was glad to know that the three were all okay. Skittle’s licks, Chip’s hugs, and Gobstopper’s gleeful nuzzling were more than enough to make her feel all the better about being safe and sound. She could have lost her life that day… It wouldn’t have been the first time she’d brushed with death, true, but she felt particularly bad about it this time.

"I’m okay! I’m okay!" she laughed. This was enough to finally get the three to ease up on their affection, but the Pokemon remained beside Thunder and Vanellope both. While all of this was going on, though, Beast Boy edged his way over to Robin and smirked at the team leader.

"So, you were having some proble-"

"I don’t want to talk about it,” Robin deadpanned.

It looked as though everything was in order now that Thunder and Vanellope were safely back in the tower. Whenever they chose to, they would be able to go back home. But first…

"I’m sorry I worried all of you," Vanellope said at last.

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Thunder laughed at her response about her not being the only one being there, and that she would have their pokemon companions…

..and to that, he said, jokingly as he ruffled her hair,

"hehe, even more trouble!..”

As she explained how glad she was that he wouldn’t be staying here, he simply listened and nodded in understanding.

"…then that is why we should go home, isn’t it?"

He gently got to his feet, the little girl still in his arms, and made his way over to where Starfire and Beast Boy were waiting..

and from there, the three of them flew to the tower…

..beast boy stopping mid flight to hitch a ride on Thunder’s cloud…

..cuz he’s lazy.

Back at the tower, Robin, Cyborg, and Raven were waiting for them. After Thunder had gone on his tear to find Vanellope, leaving Beast Boy and Starfire to their own devices, the two had gotten in contact with the others via communicator and told them what was going on. The information of Thunder going to find Vanellope had allowed the other three to remain at the tower and try to keep the three anxious Pokemon under control.

…This was no easy task when it came to Gobstopper.

"Hey! Come on, you… Would you just… SIT DOWN!"

Cyborg, Raven, Chip, and Skittle were all watching as Robin struggled in vain to keep Gobstopper in one place. Not to be mistaken, the grass type and pudgy normal type were both worried about Thunder and Vanellope. They were just occupied by laughing at Robin’s predicament. The leader of the Titans was currently on the common room floor and trying his damnedest to hold Gobstopper down.

Gobstopper was having none of it. His master was in danger, he just knew it! It was that knowledge that kept him struggling and fighting to get up so he could go after her. Really, the whole display was hilarious. The only one who didn’t appear amused was Raven. Even then, the dark-haired girl did manage a tiny smirk.

"C’mon, Robin. Maybe we should just let the little guy up. He can’t get far on his own," Cyborg pointed out. Robin didn’t appear to be listening, though. He continued to struggle with Gobstopper and the remaining two Pokemon continued to laugh at his misery.

None of them knew that Thunder, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Vanellope were on their way back at that very moment. Beast Boy was perfectly capable of informing them, but… Laziness won out in the end again.

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Thunder was startled by her response, but he could understand how she took it since she was a child…

She had misinterpreted what he had said..

Now was a better time than any to explain..

"No, sister…I said that I was not sure if I was ready to leave just yet…

Yes, I will admit that I have been rather homesick…and being here…with all of my friends…fighting crime..doing the things that I did before…has been a marvelous comfort to me…and I have missed it…”

he looked her in the eye, his soft and deep midnight blue eyes locking with hers,

"….but you’re my sister…my family…

I would never abandon you….not even I’m feeling the least bit homesick…

you…are my first priority…

you are the reason I made hell in order to get here in the first place….

I could never abandon you little one...ever…

He gently held her cheek in his hand as a kind smile graced his lips,

"…I promised, didn’t I?…and you know big brother always keeps his promises…”

At her nod her hugged her close, reassuring her that all was well and forgiven.

The two were so in the moment that they didn’t even hear Starfire gasp with joy and hug beast boy, laughing with glee…

…or the changeling’s bones cracking…..

They pulled away after a moment,

"Besides…," Thunder continued, "Despite how I’d feel, I wouldn’t let you go back alone…"

He leaned closer to her face, a devious, yet knowing smirk on his mouth, gently booping her nose…

"…leaving one as mischievous as you alone in the house?…

..that is just asking for trouble…”

She’d been mistaken in what he’d said. Misinterpretation had led to her saying some things that she hadn’t meant, like telling Thunder to go away, and now she felt like a bigger fool for having run away. But Thunder’s words, as they always did, managed to comfort her. …Especially when he said that he could never abandon her.

His last question earned a nod from her, and with that the two hugged. Truth be told, Vanellope still did want to apologize for running away. If it hadn’t been for her, the two of them wouldn’t have brushed so close with death that day. But Thunder forgave her. In the end, that was all that counted.

"You really wouldn’t?" Vanellope asked, in spite of knowing the answer to the question. Thunder’s answer was a devious little smirk and a gentle boop on the nose. In response, Vanellope scrunched up her nose a tiny bit and listened to what he had to say. Thunder thinking she was the mischievous one? When there were Pokemon living with them too? It was insane!

"Hey," Vanellope began, "I’m not the only one that would’ve been there, y’know. Gobstopper, Skittle, and Chip would be there, too! …And besides, we both know that Chip’s the trouble causer."

That wasn’t entirely true, of course. Vanellope just wanted to shift the blame a little bit. That was when she realized that the three in question weren’t there. They either didn’t know she had run off or the other Titans had been keeping them from going off in a panicked frenzy like Thunder had. Vanellope hoped for the latter.

"I’m just glad you’re really not staying here. You’re one of the ones that’s made Sugar Rush actually feel like a home to me. It didn’t feel like one for a long time. Now that I got you, Orcus, Icarus, and Tobi… I think that’s why I miss it," she said.

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is there ever a time when you’re in a fluffy RP and you just have this sudden urge to pull out aNGST LIKE OUT OF NOWHERE IT HAPPENS AND IT’S DEVASTATING AND IT’S HEART-WRENCHING AND IT MAKES YOUR RP PARTNER CRY AND THEN YOU BECOME SATAN????? 


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Thunder didn’t have the chance to respond..

Before he could even answer, the ground had given, and soon the two were sent plummeting in a terrible and violent landslide that was rushing down the side of a mountain at break neck speeds.

Thunder held his hands high so Vanellope would be high amongst the moving rubble, as dust, dirt, and rock  flew and smacked his face left and right..

At one point he had gone under, but he made sure that Vanellope had been kept above the flow so she wouldn’t be in the danger he was…

Down, down, down, they tumbled, the landslide settling at the base near a beach where some of the dirt had tumbled into the ocean.

The force that the rocks were tumbling through the landslide were so great, that one particular bolder had slammed into Thunder’s back, carrying a force that was powerful enough to knock him into the air from his spot.

If he were to let go of Vanellope….she would be doomed…

he only had a split second to act…

As the force flung him into the air, he took hold of Vanellope and flung her into the air so she would be high above the rushing wave.

The both somersaulted through the air, the titan catching himself, flipping in the air, before he caught her in his arms and flew off to a safe ways away from the landslide.

Thunder held onto Vanellope as he looked her over again …

a stern look in his eyes as he began to address her…


..which soon softened to one of pure relief, as he sighed..

”..What would I have done without you?…

…I’m so glad that you’re alright…”

Of all the things that Vanellope had anticipated, a landslide was not one of them. She hardly had the time to react before Thunder and she were swept up by it. Remarkably, though, Thunder was able to keep her safe the whole while. Vanellope couldn’t really focus on that much, though. She was too scared to really focus on much of anything. Two near brushes with death in the same day? All because she had run away?

This just couldn’t get any worse, could it?

The answer to that question came when the two were brought closer to the ocean. Vanellope braced herself, half expecting for the two of them to be swallowed up by the water and meet their doom thusly, but at the last second she was thrown from Thunder’s grasp and caught again before she even knew what was happening to them.

Soon enough, she was safe with Thunder and being taken a safe distance away from the landslide Hazel eyes met with Thunder’s stern dark blue gaze, and after a moment she tried to shrink down as though expecting to be scolded. The scolding didn’t come, and instead it was replaced by the look of relief on Thunder’s face.

The hurt feelings were still within Vanellope, and she was left to look down as she tried to find an answer.

"You… You said you didn’t wanna go back home with me," Vanellope whimpered. She sounded as though she wanted to cry, but somehow was managing to hold back tears. As she went on, she tried to keep herself from looking up at Thunder. Now that her head had cleared, she was beginning to seriously regret what she had done.

"I mean, you wanted to stay here with your friends. You were gonna leave me!"

Unbeknownst to her, Starfire and Beast Boy had finally managed to track the two of them down. Neither of them was going to make their presence known immediately, though. It seemed that Vanellope and Thunder needed to work things out first.

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It was at that last outburst that the weak an old supports finally gave way.

Chunks of cement began to fall from the ceiling, which would soon lead to the entire building giving way.

Thunder’s eyes went wide with horror as he saw one particular large chunk of cement fall from the ceiling, heading right for Vanellope.

He dashed forward, shielding Vanellope with his body, picking her up into his strong arms and holding her tight and close as the chunk fell against his back and broke into pieces.

The two stood up, exchanging a panicked look before more began to fall. Thinking quickly, Thunder dashed out of there to the closest exit, Vanellope safe in his arms, as the supports gave way and the entire building fell to the ground.

…they made it out just in time…

The building collapsed to the hard ground with an earth shattering BANG!!

Dust and noise flew everywhere, leaving the two dazed and surprised as they tried to grasp what had just happened.

Thunder turned to Vanellope, looking her over as he held her in his arms,

"Sister! Are you okay?"

She seemed to be fine…

..but it wasn’t over…

…there was the sound of a slight cracking…and breaking..against the ground…

If not for the lightning fast movements of Thunder, Vanellope probably would have been crushed. She’d been too scared to move when she finally realized what all was happening, so naturally she allowed Thunder to grab her and protect her as he always did. The look that was exchanged when Thunder stood up reflected the fear within Vanellope perfectly, and she couldn’t speak. It was just lucky that Thunder was so fast and able to get both of them to safety before something awful happened.

Once they were outside, Vanellope was left to think over what had just happened. Her contemplation didn’t last long, though, because the resounding bang that followed the collapse scared her into letting out a little yelp and trying to hide herself.

Silence endured for a time, and then…

"Sister! Are you okay?"

Somehow, Vanellope hadn’t expected Thunder to ask. She looked up at him and hesitated for a moment. Nothing was broken, thankfully, and he’d saved her from getting crushed. The only thing that had been hurt was her feelings before.

"Y-Yeah," she finally answered. "I’m okay…"

Just as soon as she said that, she heard it. The cracking was getting a bit louder, and it caused her to stiffen a bit in Thunder’s arms. What was happening now?

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My hopes and dreams for Kingdom Hearts *o*

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The ceilings creaked, and the support beams whined and moaned in response to Vanellope’s shout.

In panic, Thunder looked around as he tried to venture closer to Vanellope, trying to get her to calm down,

"Shh! Sister please," he urged a a whisper, "…try to keep your voice down…"

All the while, he was getting closer to the spot where she was staying…

Somehow, Vanellope still seemed unaware of the danger she’d put herself in. If she hadn’t positioned herself so that she was in a corner, she would have scooted back further to try and keep some distance between herself and Thunder. All she really could do was wonder what Thunder was whispering about. Why should she keep her voice down?

"I said go away!"

She wasn’t really making herself sound any better, but she hardly cared. Her body glitched again and she tried to shrink down a little. It wasn’t like Vanellope had chosen a particularly good hiding spot. Thunder easily could have grabbed her from that corner she was in if he really wanted to. Of course, the situation called for care. Vanellope didn’t have the foresight to think of this.

"Just… Just leave me alone," she said, trying to put as much force into her words as she could. Vanellope never would have thought she’d say anything like that to Thunder, but there wasn’t any taking it back right then. Once she had a clearer head she’d regret those words. Hurt came before regret, though, and even before that…

Whatever came before that didn’t matter. Vanellope’s lack of awareness had come to bite them both in the butt. This time, she actually heard the creaking around them. Hurt in her features shifted to confusion, and her gaze went upward. At last, Vanellope realized just what sort of trouble she was in.

…The sort of trouble she’d put Thunder in by hiding in this place could get the both of them seriously hurt. Or worse.

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Just as a heads up, if someone has rules or guidelines posted, it’s polite to read them first. You can learn a lot about the mun if you do, and I can almost promise you that the mun will be able to tell if you haven’t read their rules page. 

Please, just keep that in mind. Rules and guidelines are there for a reason, and to ignore them is a little rude. 

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He had approached the mountains in a matter of minutes, and soon, he was hovering in silent painstaking silence as he tried his best to locate her by means of their empathic connection.

She was close by…

Far down below, Thunder could make out the shape of a fairly large, but not too large, abandoned house at the top of a mountain slide.

It looked old and it was bound to be condemned.

The Titan flew down, venturing nearer to the building, his ability to locate her growing stronger and stronger.

Soon, he was standing right in front of the and upon looking at it, his eyes went wide with terror.

The building was indeed condemned, and it looked to be terribly unstable..

..that coupled together with the fact the he could sense that Vanellope was coming from inside there only made his bones that much more chilled.

He has to get her out if there, and quickly!

He slowly walked towards the house, caution but urgency in his steps as he called out, in hushed tones, for his sister.

He had to be careful.

Even the slightest noise could…

Now she could sense him.

Not only that, but Vanellope heard his voice. It was strangely quiet, but she could swear that it was Thunder’s voice. Who else would have come looking for her? Any other time it would have given her cause for joy, but in this case she just wanted to tell him to go away. It only made sense; why would she go running to the one she believed didn’t want to go back with her in the first place?

There was only one logical answer to it. The closer Thunder got, the easier it was for her to hear him. So, when she could make out his voice more clearly…

"Go away!"

Vanellope’s voice was a little bit croaky, understandably so, but she didn’t care. So what if Thunder could hear that she’d been crying? All she wanted to do was make it clear that she didn’t want him to come to her. Of course, her very act of alerting him of her presence would do the exact opposite.

Hurt feelings always did have a way to muddle up a child’s logic. Even if it was just a little bit.

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